What is web hacking

Web jacking is a term which is similar to hijack.

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What is web jacking

What is web jacking ?

Web jacking is nothing but it is a big crime. This is the most important topic of cyber security subject.

The term webjacking defines the hijakcking of any website.

When any hackers hijacked the website and take control of any website then it is called web jacking.

In this crime the victim is website which is hijacked by hackers.

Web jacking

The hackers hijack the Website and takes control of website, that's why this process is called web jacking.

How to prevent from web jacking ?

For a prevention from web jacking we need to aware and need to high security for website.

We need to get advance hosting with more protection.

And don't give our website I'd password in any site.


In this article we have learnt what is web jacking and how to prevent from web jacking.

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