Explain Characteristics And Factors Of Algorithm

Characteristics of Algorithm

Characteristics of Algorithm

The following are the characteristics of algorithm or Features of algorithm:

  • Clarity : The algorithm must be clear. Each of its phases should be clear in all aspects and should have only one meaning.
  • Unquestionable : An algorithm must be ambiguous which means that the instructions in an algorithm must be clear and simple.
  • Input: An algorithm has some input values.
  • Output: We will get one or more output at the end of an algorithm.
  • Finiteness: An algorithm must have finiteness.
  • Language independent: The algorithm designed should be language-independent.

Factors of Algorithm

Following is the factors that we required to consider in designing the algorithm:

  • Correctness: The accuracy of an algorithm is defined when a given input produces the desired output, which means that the algorithm is designed. An algorithm has been analyzed correctly.
  • Modularity: If a problem is given and we can break that problem down into small modules or small steps, which is a basic definition of the algorithm, it means that this feature is designed suddenly for the algorithm.

  • Simplicity : If the algorithm is simple it is easy to understand.
  • Maintenance: Here, stability means that the algorithm must be designed in a very simple structured way so that when we redefine the algorithm, there will be no major changes to the algorithm.
  • Functionality: It considers various logical steps to salve a real-world problem.
  • Robustness: Robustness means how an algorithm can clearly define our problem.

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